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Boils are a type of infection when developed on the skin surface cause pain and sometimes the pain gets so severe that the individual suffers from an additional attack of fever. Boils are a form of zit, which is characterized by considerable swelling of the infected area accompanied by inflammation. The boil at first develops in the form of a nodule which on maturity gets bigger in size around 3 to 10 centimeters in diameter. As the boil develops it becomes whitish in color as it gets filled with pus. The boils are quite troublesome if an individual is repeated attacked by boils. So, to keep away from boils you are first required to know that what causes boils.

In fact, if you come to know about exactly what causes boils, you can then fight against the incidence of boils quite effectively. Boils are actually caused by the bacterium named Staphylococcus aureus. This form of bacterial infection is highly contagious in nature and can easily multiply in favorable conditions. If you have been inflicted by a cut or in the habit of tight wearing clothes that have caused formation of small fissures on the skin surface, the bacteria gets the opportunity to enter into your body though those openings and cause infection.

What causes boils to develop more in number is basically related to quality of hygiene maintained by an individual. The Staphylococcus aureus form of bacteria entering the skin is actually present in the dirt or germ to which our skin comes in contact. Clogging of the skin oil ducts with the accumulated dirt gives way to the development of painful boils.

As the boil becomes bigger in size the pus inside the swollen lump is allowed to pus out along with a stream of blood. In some cases the pus does not flow out until the boil bursts on its own. What causes boil to continue growing on the skin surfaces of the adjoining areas is that the pus that comes out is highly contaminated as it consists of white blood cells, bacteria and elements of proteins. The unaffected skin gets infected when it comes in contact with the pus. So, you are recommended to keep the infected area clean and germ free to avoid any further occurrence of boils.

Boils can generally be recovered in a natural way, as the immune system of our body is powerful enough to fight against the bacteria. In fact, the pus is formed due to the interference of the white blood cells, which fight against the foreign bodies in the form of bacteria. But in some cases the boil becomes quite complex in nature and medical intervention is required. What causes boils complications is that when somehow the bacteria comes in contact with the main blood stream and spreads through other pars of the body and system organs. This is known as blood poisoning and is medically termed as septicaemia. The infection called septicaemia is life threatening and requires immediate medical assistance.

A patient of septicaemia is attacked with chilling fever, the incidence of highly swollen lymph nodes called lymphadenitis with blood vessels running across the node. If not treated well, the patient might be at the risk of losing life.

So, if you find yourself to be inflicted with a boil please take necessary steps to get rid of it as early as possible. The following will help you to take a note on what causes boils.

What Causes Boils to Develop

  • If you have a poor health and a weak immune system, you are most likely to be attacked by boils. The bacteria inside your skin will get the opportunity to multiply without facing any natural resistance of the body.
  • The repeated incidence of boils at the age of 40 and above is accounted as one of the symptoms of being attacked by diabetes. Diabetes is also the cause of damaging the immune system as a result of which the body fails to fight against the attack of bacteria.
  • Boils may also occur if proper hygiene is not maintained. The sebaceous glands mainly of the regions like armpit and clefts of buttocks that are not often properly washed may get infected with boils.
  • Due to the incidence of other skin infections like acne, eczema or scabies that lead to constant itching of the skin surface destroy the protective skin layer completely. The very degradation of the quality of skin causes the growth of boils.
  • Obesity is another factor behind what causes boils.
  • Any form of fever or disease that completely breaks down the immune system may be responsible for favoring the development of boils. Even the medicines like prednisone taken in for curing such diseases may lead to the formation of boils as one of the side effects.
  • Boils may also occur due to internal health problems. If the body contains toxic substances then the boil formation is more prevalent.
  • If the body experiences irregular bowel movement
  • In case an individual does not maintain a proper healthy diet and in take excess of oil and junk food items.
  • Too much consumption of alcohol is also one of the causes behind the formation of boils.
Boils Treatment

Boils are actually the outcome of any form of damage occurring in the internal organ system. There are several ways to get rid of boils. You may take the help of either antibiotic or surgical operations. But the best possible way is to take up homemade remedies as most of the antibiotics that are taken up for boil treatment are not safe from side effects. Treatment of boils by following natural or herbal remedies will not only be effective but also quite safe for you.

As the boils are the result of the intrusion of harmful bacteria that come in the form of dust and dirt, the best way to keep away from boils is to keep your body clean. Daily wash the skin pores well with water and do not allow the skin ducts to be filled up with heavy make up or cream.

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